Engineering Centers

Engineering Centers take early-stage technology and develop it with a focus on specific military needs. In this role, they serve as a connection point between Labs and PEOs/PMOs.

  • Even less technically-trained staff have a relatively deep understanding of what is the state-of-the-practice in their area of interest
  • As such, they can be very helpful to companies trying to understand the market and competitive landscape
  • As such, some staff may see you as a competitor vs a partner.
  • Do some research on the staff members so you understand their background before engaging.
  • Be sure to thoroughly research current programs/contracts that address the problem or objective you are focused on
  • You’ll need to understand how your technology would ultimately transition into use in an operational environment.
  • Learn about who the end users are for the engineering center POC/office you are engaging, and what missions they are focused on serving.